Bout of books progress report: Day 1

So, this is a very late progress report for day 1 of the bout of books –I got a fair bit of reading done and was happy with the amount of hours I was able to avoid work and engage in reading. I joined twitter, which is a new experience – and certainly one that I am thinking I will enjoy.

So day 1 totals look like this:

Hours of reading: 6
Pages read: 384
Total pages read: 384
Books completed:
Stone Cold by C.J. Box – Reviewed – 12/5/2014

I also competed in The Book Barbies Challenge of ‘If you like X, try Y’ – entry

Tomorrow I’m tackling The Giver and Narrow Escape – two very different stories, I’m sure!


  1. I want to read The Giver before the movie comes out. I read a lot of Lois Lowry in school, but I managed to miss that one.

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