Challenge #2 – Battle Royale!

I decided to choose combatants from my ‘Classics’ shelf on Goodreads, and each has been called a monster in his own right!

The Combatants:

Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is hideous! He is a real brute of a guy and boy is he a tad immoral! He will do anything to get revenge on his pesky creator Dr. Frankenstein! Although he is strong and not afraid to kill, he is a hell bent on getting revenge on his creator, so he is prone to distraction.

My Hyde from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mr Hyde is Dr. Jekyll’s evil alter-ego! Boy can he kick some butt and kill some people. However, Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll are the same person, and if Dr. Jekyll has anything to do with it, Hyde won’t be getting into any trouble!

Grenouille from Perfume by Patrick Suskind

The creepy monster on tonight’s bill, Grenouille has an incredible sense of smell! No really, he can smell lots of things! It doesn’t sound like a problem until you realize he becomes a killer so he can preserve people’s scent! However, Grenouille is likely to be distracted by beautiful, or interestingly new scents!

A Battle Report:

The three contestants enter the arena, and immediately, Dr. Jekyll declares this battle inhumane and demands to be released! The other two take this as a sign of weakness and pounce on him, ripping him to shreds!

Grenouille decides to take Dr. Jekyll’s underpants (Sweat. Soap. Poo?) and make perfume from them, and Frankenstein’s monster laments his loneliness.

Grenouille starts to boil the pants, and Frankenstein’s monster asks to be called Frankie, and to help Grenouille with making his perfume. Grenouille agrees to his help and tells Frankie to take his own underpants off so they can make a perfect aroma a la panties.

Grenouille gets distracted by a red-headed virgin in the crowd and sends his new minion friend into the crowd to get her. Frankie declines, because he doesn’t want to be left alone! *sniff*

Frankie backs away from his new found friend, and Grenouille attacks him with a knife he was using to stir the underpants soup.

THE WINNER IS GRENOUILLE, mainly because the other two have emotions! YAY EMOTIONS!Image

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