Would You Rather…

I just stole this from alexinbookland, who had some pretty cool responses!

1. Only be able to read trilogies or stand-alones?
Stand-alones! If the option of series was here I would say that, hands down. But many of my favourite authors write stand-alones.

2. Female authors or Male authors?
It would have to be the men. Most of the books I read are written by male authors. I try to balance it out a little, but I generally fail at my attempts at balancing.

3. Shop only at Barnes and Nobles (we’ll assume Waterstones is the UK equivalent) or Amazon?
Amazon. I have a kindle and although there are aspects of amazon I loathe, there are so many books on kindle!

4. All books become movies or tv shows?
TV SHOWS EVERY TIME. I love Game of Thrones, True Blood, Generation Kill, Boardwalk Empire, UK Strike Back ect ect… which were all books first, you know. Movies… LOTR… and that was a series of movies. Generally I dislike movie adaptions and love TV show adaptions.

5. Read 5 pages a day or 5 books a week?
I would cry if I could only read 5 pages a day. I love weeks when I read 4 or 5 books, but I can never keep that pace up.

6. Be a professional reviewer or a professional author?
Professional reviewer. I have little interest in writing stories, I love reading them.

7. Only be able to read your top 20 favourite books forever or only to always have to read new books?
New books. I generally only read new-to-me books. On occasion I go back and revisit a favourite, but most of my favourites (perfume, to mock a killing bird, the circut) I have only read once.

8. Be a librarian or a bookseller?
Librarian. I love spreading around free book love! I’m actually considering doing a library science degree once I have completed my Education degree. Be a teacher librarian! MY CLASSROOM WOULD BE A LIBRARY!

9. Only read from favourite genre or from everything but your fav genre?
It would have to be my favourite genre. I could read thrillers and nothing else.

10. Physical or E-Book?
I love dead tree books, but I like utilising E-books and on occasion, audiobooks too!

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