A very naughty (or at least absentee) book blogger

I’ve been lurking my own blog. I just keep loading it up onto my phone, read a post or two, shake my head and then think about how much I’d like to see something new on there. I got angry at the blogger for not being consistant, and wished she would get her act together and post something new. You know, even just a stupid post saying that she is still reading, even if she hasn’t been reviewing.

Then I realised that blogger was me.

All I have to do is come back on here, write something painfully awkward, and my blog would then continue.

So here I am, writing an insecure and apologetic (mainly to myself) post about how I’m going to be posting again. I’ve even written a little ditty about my goals for 2015, concerning the book world. It goes like this;

First and foremost, my primary goal in 2015 is to enjoy the process and experience of reading. I will read books that are exciting to me, not books that I feel should be read or ones to appease others. By Dec 31st 2015, I hope to have completed 52 books and by complete I mean right to the end. I feel like this isn’t a lofty enough goal, and I should say I will read 100’s of books, but the years I have read the most have been ones where I set a realistic goal and can relax – so a book a week it is. I need to also keep in mind that I only read 30 books in 2014, which is probably the lowest number for the past six years. I will also update Goodreads as I progress, because I’m crap at that. Finally, I will make a consistant effort to keep Ranty Runt going, even if it is twitter sized reviews.

So here’s to 2015, and to enjoying books again.

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