Ranty Roundup – March

March started out so well! I read lots of books and was pretty active with the blog, and had the best of intentions to participate in bloggiesta, only to dislocate four of my fingers while assembling a bookcase. I should have known better, I have a connective tissue disorder which leads to easily dislocating joints, but I always like to pretend like my joints aren’t stuck together with the worlds stretchiest glue! So I’ve now been told to not type/write. (So my very handsome partner is typing this, HI ALL!).

I did get some serious reading done in March – 12 books. At this pace I’m going to slaughter my Goodreads goal of 52 books, I’m already at 30 for the year. My favourite read of the month was One Way Trip by Scott McEwen and the book I enjoyed the least was Vampire Academy by Richelle Read. I read two books by female authors – which isn’t heaps but certainly more than I usually do. My goal for April is to read at least four books by a female author. (and be nicer to her BF)


Total books read in March – 12

Close to the Bone – Stuart MacBride – 4 stars

Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead – 2 stars

Partners in Crime – Stuart MacBride – 3 stars

Red Stripes – Matt Hilton – 3 stars

Fire Force – Matt Lynn – 3 stars

As The Crow Flies – Damien Boyd – 3 stars

Endangered – C.J. Box – 4 stars

Breaking Creed – Alex Kava – 4 stars

One Way Trip – Scott McEwen – 4 stars

Head In The Sand – Damien Boyd – 3 stars

Across The Pond – Michael McCormick – 2 stars

Target America – Scott McEwen – 4 stars

Currently reading

A Perfect Evil by Alex Kava

April TBR

Finish Sandakan – if unfinished at the end of April, I will probably DNF this one (what the hell does DNF mean?)

The Godfather


The Missing and The Dead

Classic Spin #9

I’ll also be participating in The Classics Club Spin #9, in which you list 20 classics and then they announce a week later what the number is and you read the corresponding book. I’ll post a picture later today with my ‘list’ in photo form, and just place twenty books on one bookshelf, and then count out to the appropriate number. Save typing them all out (THANK GOD!).


    1. Thanks, I feel alright, the swelling is going down now. Thumb and shoulder? Both the same side? Connective tissues are pains in our butts. Hope you are feeling better

      1. They suck, definitely a pain in the butt! And it always happens at such annoying times. Yeah I got in a fight with a flower pot and that took my thumb out, then my granny fell and as I tried to catch her my shoulder went. Very classy 😛

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