Gone With The Wind Group Read: Signup, Psychup and Game Plan

Group read

I’ve studied The American Civil War as my Australian university offers an excellent collection of American Studies topics that cover it through the History degree, and Gone With The Wind was required reading for that course. I pretended like I had read it, wrote a paper using the movie instead of the book and discussed the history more than the literature. I only read about 150 pages.

Now that horrible confession is over – I am announcing that I am GOING TO READ IT. GWTW is on my Classics Club list, so I have made the commitment to reading it at some stage in the next couple of years, and then I spied a casual group read put together by the wonderful Corinne and decided that this was the best way to get through Mitchell’s classic. I am a day late to the signup post, but hey, better late than never!

gone-with-the-wind-readalongOne of my favourite things about this group read is its very laid back schedule, it will be read over many months and there will be meet ups every two weeks or so. My goal is to write a post for each of these check-ins, but to get the required pages read at the beginning of the reading period because I’m wanting this to be an enjoyable experience that I am excited about – and most of that is a mental battle when it comes to classics, I think.


Friday, May 1 First post – just to enthuse about how excited we are to begin.
Saturday, May 16
First check-in on Chapters One through Ten
Saturday, May 30
Check-in on Chapters Eleven through Twenty
Saturday, June 13
Check-in on Chapters Twenty-One through Thirty
Saturday, June 27
Check-in on Chapters Thirty-One through Forty
Saturday, July 11
Check-in on Chapters Forty-One through Fifty
Saturday, July 25
Check-in on Chapters Fifty-One through Sixty
Saturday, August 1
Check-in on Chapters Sixty-One through Sixty-Three (final discussion)

I’m already excited. I’ve purchased an ebook copy of the book so I don’t have to lug around my very heavy hardback edition I inherited – I’m thinking this can be my ‘reading at work while on break and between customers’ book for awhile! If you want to read more, or even belatedly join in, you can find more at Corinne’s blog – the pursuit of happiness


  1. I’m so, so glad you joined!! You’re not alone on that opening confession! 🙂 My mother loves this book & enthusiastically gave me her copy to read when I was eight. It was a very, very ugly old blue monstrosity with pink-edged pages, heavy, enormous, my nemesis. I tried to read about 100 pages and didn’t care for it or understand where it was going, but my mother SO WANTED ME TO READ IT. So after a couple months I just told her I had, & that I also loved it, so I wouldn’t make her sad. One day she introduced the movie, & THEN I understood what I’d been missing. I finally read the book when I was sixteen, & it is my favorite book of all time now. I confessed to my mother that I’d never actually read it until then. She laughed and hugged me & was just happy I finally GOT IT. I judged the book by the cover. 🙂 … & the page count.

    I see we are both studying history & English in college. 🙂 I want to read your favorite (All Quiet on the Western Front) one of these days. I’m waiting for that tug. I don’t have it slotted for this summer because I haven’t felt the tug yet. I do my best reading when I feel that.

    I hope the group read helps make this fun for you! Cheers!! x

  2. I don’t know why, but I always want to edit when I see so many happy faces. TOO MANY! THEY ARE LIKE ALL CAPS. 🙂 < ——–

  3. Okay, I am too much of a nerd, but I would NEVER have not read the book and watched the movie instead!! 😉 So funny! I trust you earned a good grade despite all that! I am so glad to see others read this for the first time! It’s one of my faves of all time! 🙂 I’m so glad to get to create a blog post for each section we read. I feel that will really do it justice! I hope it proves to be a very enjoyable experience for you!

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