Bout of Books: Day 2 & 3



Day 2 & 3 certainly did not go to plan – I hardly read at all on day 2 – I had my pupils dilated and then couldn’t read, so that was fun. I did listen to a couple of hours of Jane Eyre, but that was it. Day 3 was spent with my sister watching copious amounts of Chicago P.D. Which was fun, but didn’t add to any reading goals. I am looking forward to reading more of The Sniper and The Wolf, as it is fantastic!

Day 3 totals:

5%  of The Sniper and The Wolf

Day 2 totals:

3 Hours of Jane Eyre

Day 1 totals:

35p of The Secret Agent

460p of Lockdown

2h Jane Eyre

Now, onto my completed list:

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad

Lockdown by Sean Black



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