Bout of Books 13: Last days and summary

BoB10-200x200So… here we are! Another Bout of Books over and done with, and I have to say, although I didn’t do heaps of reading, I did enjoy the experience. I hosted my first ever challenge and a giveaway – which if I may say so myself, went swimmingly.

These are my final reading stats:

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – 7 hours

Lock Down by Sean Black – 460p

The Sniper and the Wolf by Scott McEwen – 400p

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad – 35p

Gone with the Wind – 320p

Total pages = 1215

I think this is about on par with previous Bout of Books that I have completed – a little disappointing considering I read much quicker these days. However – A whole morning/afternoon was spent commenting on many journals and running the challenge, so I feel like my participation this time has been better.

I really need to thank the ladies that run Bout of Books, they have been so helpful, I on many occasions had to email them to ask things, and their responses were amazing. They put so much time and effort into this event, and I have enjoyed participating.

One comment

  1. You have some FANTASTIC taste in books!
    I want to friend you on Goodreads, but I don’t have a link.
    J_Lenni_Dorner — that’s me. šŸ™‚ Dropdown menu for friending.
    Because, seriously, I love the choices you have listed here.

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