The Sniper and The Wolf by Scott McEwen


The Sniper and The Wolf by Scott McEwen, with Thomas Koloniar, Kindle Edition, May 2015, 400p.

I have been waiting to read The Sniper and The Wolf by Scott McEwen for the past couple of months. I saw it on netgalley and requested it, and was rejected. I didn’t let this deter me, I hunted down the first two books in the series and fell in love with the characters. I have reviewed One Way Trip in a previous review spree on this blog, and really enjoyed it. I pre-ordered The sniper and The Wolf on the Kindle , it was so cheap for a new release novel, and well worth the investment. I read it as part of the Bout of Books readathon.

The main character Gil is excellent, entertaining and hard as nails and in this book he works with a Russian operative who is excellently named Dragunov. Although I usually enjoy reading these books with an American team I enjoyed this installment more because there was that whole Cold War enemies working together element, and there was FANTASTIC bickering between these two hardassed men.

The action in this novel is similar to that in the other novels of the series. It of course, involves a sniper duel which is always entertaining, although is getting a little bit old, it has happened in each novel, and in reality would this happen that often? I feel stupid questioning the validity of these novels and other novels of the sort, they never pretend to be extreme realistic, however I do think that some accountability and authenticity is important. I hope the next book either has a different action sequence or some new fresh characters otherwise this series might get old fast. However at this stage it is still an enjoyable action romp.

I gave the sniper and the Wolf four stars although there were flaws with it. These books are addictive – and very easy to read . I would recommend this novel to fans of Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Andy McNab, and Chris Ryan.

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