#12forXmas Halfway/Progress Post


I have decided to do a little update on how #12forXmas is going, I was really worried about my progress, but now that I’ve thought about it, I’m actually right on track. I’ve got lots of reading time tonight and tomorrow night and I’m sitting where I should be.

I have to be mindful that over the Christmas period everything gets a bit crazy, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’m going to reach my crazy goal!

The books I have read so far are;

The Redeemers – Ace Atkins – 370p
22 Dead Little Bodies – Stuart MacBride – 150p
Silent Creed – Alex Kava – 336p
Revenge! – Charles Whiting – 170p
Ice Force – Matt Lynn – 460p
Murder Team – Chris Ryan – 106p
Kingdom of the Strong – Tony Cavanaugh – 368p

7 Books, 1960p

Most of my books have been three star reads, with a couple four stars thrown in. I’ve been alternating a long book with a short one – and I am about to read my first classic for the month – The Scarlet Plague by Jack London.

Anyone have any sneaky strategies for reading lots of books over the xmas period? I’m thinking maybe putting a page from a novel in everyone’s Xmas crackers and making them read that out at the table – maybe a book of poetry!? My family would HATE that. Haha.



  1. Great effort! I’ve read about the same number, except you’re reading much longer books. All of mine so far have been between 150-250 pages – I’m impressed!

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