#12forXmas Summary


In December I participated in The Twelve Books of Christmas, hosted by the wonderful Shainareads. Thanks so much for hosting the challenge, I have really enjoyed pushing myself to read the 12 books, and it encouraged me to read some of the shorter books in my collection that I would normally not read.

I managed to finish my 12th book on the 31st of the month, but I was concerned I wasn’t going to finish! My Christmas and New Year were pretty full on, but I managed to finish my reading!

Here is my final list of books I read;

The Redeemers – Ace Atkins – 370p
22 Dead Little Bodies – Stuart MacBride – 150p
Silent Creed – Alex Kava – 336p
Revenge! – Charles Whiting – 170p
Ice Force – Matt Lynn – 460p
Murder Team – Chris Ryan – 106p
Kingdom of the Strong – Tony Cavanaugh – 368p
The Scarlet Plague – Jack London – 192p
Gridlock – Sean Black – 347p
In The Cold Dark Ground – Stuart MacBride – 528p
Killer Instinct – Zoe Sharp – 340p
Ethan Frome – Edith Wharton – 117p

Next year, I will definitely participate in this challenge again, it has been wonderful, and I have met so many new people through twitter and had the chance to follow some new wonderful blogs!


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