BOB15: Day 1


Day 1 didn’t go quite to plan reading wise, I had a doctors appointment which then led to intense physio later that day, then a friend over for dinner. We watched the cricket and then I slept. For 15 hours. I’ve been over doing it, but I still managed to get a little reading in.

I’m going to complete the wonderful would you rather challenge hosted by Lori @ Writing My Own Fairy Tale. 

Would you rather lend books to someone who dog-ears pages or to someone who reads with cheesy Cheetos fingers?

I would rather lend a book to someone who dog ears pages than have cheeto fingers touching them!

Would you rather be able to meet one character of your choice or meet one author of your choice?

I would rather meet one character of choice over an author!

Would you rather never be allowed in a book store again or never be allowed in a library again?

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT MY LIBRARY. I’m too poor for bookshops anyway – I live in Australia.

Would you rather have to choose one of your favorite characters to die in their book or have to pick one of your favorite couples to break up in their book?

Break up a couple in a book – I mainly read action/crime/classics and although there are a few relationships I uh, ship – I would prefer my favourite character to be alone and sad then dead!

Would you rather be required to read Twilight once a year for the rest of your life or The Scarlet Letter once a year for the rest of your life?

I’d take The Scarlet Letter over Twilight. I actually intend to read The Scarlet Letter again, but I never intend on touching Twilight again. I didn’t even make it through my first read. I’d take Hawthorne’s drivel, thanks.

Onto my totals:

Day 1:

190p of Birthdays for the Dead by Stuart MacBride
50p of Dead Wake by Erik Larson

Total for today: 240p
Total for readathon: 240p

Books completed: 1
Birthdays for the Dead


  1. Nothing worse than poo on a book! As a librarian, I am so happy to see that most people are saying they could not live without their libraries. Even if I did not work in one, I know I could not take never entering a library again! Hope you are feeling more rested today!

    1. Haha, it will just mean I remember my nephew everytime I look at that smelly copy!

      To be perfectly frank, I have been silently judging people who have picked the bookshops over a library – it’s so terrible of me, but I cannot imagine a world without them! Thanks for librarian-ing, my local library has been my home away from home for years now.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. poo on a book. Lovely….Well at least she tired to make amends. But still, just having to witness my book in a state would leave me unhappy. But things happen, especially around little ones.

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