BOB15: Day 2


A very quick update before I go to bed – It’s currently 5am in the morning here, and I figured I may as well post my progress post this morning rather than waiting for the day when I have SO MUCH TO DO.

I’m not really happy with my progress thus far – I’m aiming for 2,000 words and I’m only at 440p. However, I am having fun and that is the most important thing! I haven’t been very active on twitter, which is so different from most of the other Bob’s I’ve done. Tomorrow night I will probably have more time to spend on twitter, considering I’ll be at work and it will be dead.

Also, I was about to check who is doing the challenge for today and then I realised it was me. I just polished off the post, and it should go live later on today. I’m always so grateful to be able to participate in bout of books, and I feel like hosting a challenge is one of the ways you can pay back the wonderful Bob community. It’s always such fun and makes these readathons really memorable for me!

I hope everyone else’s Bob’s are going great and they are getting lots of reading done.

Day 2: 

200p of Dead Wake by Erik Larson

Total for today: 200p
Total for readathon: 440p

Books completed: 1
Birthdays for the Dead


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