Day 3 Bout of Books Challenge: RAINBOWS!


Congratulations, you have made it to day three of Bout-of-Books 15.0!

We are getting to the middle of the readathon now, where enthusiasm either wanes, or you are so enthusiastic you are putting aside other necessities to read, like work/sleep/school, and it’s now catching up with you! It doesn’t matter if you are so sleep deprived you can no longer tell your red wine from your white, or your golden retriever from your Russian blue (one’s a cat, the other a dog, for future reference), or your black tshirt from your white collared shirt.

Actually… I lie, all those skills are essential for the rainbow challenge! You have two options – the cover challenge and the author challenge.

For the cover challenge, collect books from your bookshelf (physical or virtual) and make yourself a rainbow using the covers. A rainbow is ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). Then take a photo or arrange images of those books into a rainbow, and either post to twitter (@bookybecksa & #boutofbooks), post to your own blog and leave me a link in the comments below or simply comment below with your response!

Here is my attempt at the challenge. You don’t actually have to shape it like a rainbow, but I decided to go all out! I’m also thinking I need to go book shopping for yellow books, because there is a current shortage on my bookshelves.


For the author challenge, use authors surnames to complete an acrostic poem style rainbow of ROYGBIV – you can only use surnames and no prefixes (eg. Vincent van Gogh could be used for a G, not a V). Any ‘writer’ is acceptable, for example, playwrights, poets and comic book/graphic novel authors)

Try to fill your list with authors you have read, and that way I can learn about you and your tastes! If not, branch out and select an author you would like to read. If you still can’t find an author (I’m looking at you, Y) then select someone people have likely heard of!

R – Rankin, Ian

O – Owen, Wilfred

Y – Yeats, William Butler

G – Gaiman, Neil

B – Bronte, Emily

I – Ignatius, David

V – Vonnegut, Kurt

The prize!

Once you have completed either challenge (you don’t have to complete both) you are eligible to go into the running for a free book! As long as you have either commented on this blog post or mentioned me on twitter (@bookybecksa) you will go into the running.

  • The winner of this challenge will receive a book from up to the value of US$15, as long as The Book Depository ships to you.
  • The challenge winner will be selected by random number generator and notified either by comment on their blog or a tweet on twitter, depending on how you enter the competition.
  • You must be a Bout of Books participant to win the giveaway.I will verify that the winner is signed up.
  • Only one entry per participant will go into the draw



  1. This is a great challenge!
    R – Rash, Ron

    O – Oates, Joyce Carol

    Y – Yolen, Jane

    G – Gaiman, Neil

    B – Barry, Dave

    I – Irving, John

    V – Van Allsburg, Chris

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