BOB15: Day 4 & 5


So, I missed completing my update for day 4 – I had a very busy day at work, and today hasn’t been much better. So I’ve combined the two together. In better news, we purchased a brand new BBQ, and are going to buy an outdoor setting in the next couple of weeks too. I’m excited to be able to have a BBQ outside again, I haven’t been able to entertain outside since I left home at 18. I’m seeing many snags, chops and steaks in my future. Maybe some prawns too.

My reading over the past couple of days has been good, but not great. I finished another book last night and have picked up another, but they are so similar I’m confusing my storylines up. I’m going to select something completely different next.

Day 4: 

167p of The Devil’s Bounty by Sean Black

Total for today: 167p

Day 5:

233p of The Devil’s Bounty by Sean Black – Completed

109p of The Business of Dying by Simon Kernick

Total for today: 342p

Total for readathon: 1,199p

Books completed: 3
Birthdays for the Dead – Stuart MacBride
Dead Wake – Erik Larson
The Devil’s Bounty – Sean Black

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