Review:In the Cold Dark Ground by Stuart MacBride


In The Cold Dark Ground by Stuart MacBride, Trade Paperback, January 2016, 528p.

4.5 stars.

Okay – I will attempt to get through this review without too much flailing, gushing and incoherent squealing. No promises, however. This book was much too good to promise the impossible.

In the Cold Dark Ground might just be the best Logan McRae novel published thus far. I’ve read all 9 in the past two years, and loved them all. The cases that McRae investigate are usually dark and twisted, which is right up my alley. This one was no different. There was a very satisfying who-dun-it with all the appropriate red herrings and twists.

That isn’t what made this book into a 4.5 star read – that would be the personal story lines that came to a head in this book. I will attempt to not spoil anything, but some major¬†changes happen during In the Cold Dark Ground. Things that just made me drop the book on my lap and loudly exclaim “oh, my god.” There were also moments that made me a bit teary, and wonder how the hell Logan was going to get out of this mess that he finds himself in.

I really enjoy MacBride’s tongue in cheek exploration of corruption, and in this book, that is played to the extremes. There are some very memorable scenes with Napier (who sounds so much like my grandfather it is scary), and we get to meet some interesting characters who work in internal affairs.

This book was thoroughly enjoyable, but the last few pages truly had me squirming in my seat, wondering what the hell is going to happen in the next book. That is the sign of a really great series, where you read a complete story with a solid ending, but are already checking out the publication dates for the next book. (Couldn’t find a date, assume it’s not written yet. Might need to abduct Stuart MacBride and force him to write the next one now. Although, it would suck if my life became a B grade adaptation of Misery.)



  1. This is such a positive review for not only the book, but for the author as well! I haven’t read anything by Stuart MacBride and honestly can’t say that I have heard of this series. I am now adding the first of this series to my TBR! Thank you for the great review and recommendation.

    1. Thanks Steph. Stuart MacBride is a Scottish author and I stumbled into him because his first book was free on ibooks and I wanted to read a police procedural. I got so much more than that. The series gets better and better, but be warned, it is VERY VERY dark. And twisted. It also has possibly the best supporting character in DI Roberta Steel, who makes me cringe CONSTANTLY. I would really recommend it! (obviously, I can talk about this series all day)

  2. Found your blog from Kate’s at Wet, Dark’ n’Wild. That last bit in the brackets on your review made me laugh lots. I’m pretty sure they usually come out in January, but then he’s started another series (Ash Henderson I think’s the character) plus he wrote a sci-fi one under Stuart B McBride – all of which holds up new Logan’s. I’m with you on Steel, though, as is my doctor, also a fan – she’s a genius character! I’d forgotten about the bra thing until Kate mentioned it in her review! Has she found the love of a good woman yet? – I’m a wee bit behind in the series.

    1. Haha yeah I’m a massive MacBride fan, I’ve just finished reading the first in the Ash Henderson series- it was good but not as good as the McCrae series. And I won’t spoil future books regarding Steel’s romantic life, but may I just say, your reading is going to get better and better!

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