#Slaythatseries Readathon TBR

Hey guys, just a really quick post today to share my TBR for the the #slaythatseries readathon. I will be participating in this mostly on twitter (@bookybecksa), but will post a wrap up at the end of the week here too.

This is a really busy week for me, I have two assignments due, writing obligations and plans with family and friends, so I’m not going to be attempting to break any of my own records here. My goal is to complete two books, but if I find myself reading heaps I won’t hold back unless it gets in the way of my uni assignments.

The books I am planning on reading for this are;

Off the Grid – C.J. Box (Joe Pickett) 

Promise – Tony Cavanaugh (Darian Richards) 

The Train Rider – Tony Cavanaugh (Darian Richards)

Dead Girl Sing – Tony Cavanaugh (Darian Richards) 

State of Emergency – Andy McNab (Buckingham) 

Firepoint – Sean Black (Ryan Lock) 

A Song for the Dying (Stuart MacBride)

They are all the latest books in series that have been released in the last year or two, except the Darian Richards Series which I have to catch up on because I’ve read (and loved #4) but not read the previous 3!

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