#MakeMeRead Readathon – Sign up & Poll

The make me read it readathon is a newer readathon hosted by Val @ The Innocent Smiley, and Ely @ Tea and Titles. It is running from July 9th – 16th, and if you want to join me you can find the sign-up post over here.

The difference about this readathon is that you guys get to decide what (and in which order) I will read during the week. So please take a couple of seconds to select one of the options in the poll below!

I’m planning on setting a goal of 3 books during the #makemeread -athon, but I’ve listed 5, and I will read them in order of which books get the most votes. They are all part of the #20booksofsummer challenge, and I will still be reading a large chunk of Middlemarch during this week too!

I won’t be updating the blog daily during the readathon, I find that to be too time consuming – but I will be active on twitter – @bookybecksa and will post a wrap up at the end of the readathon.



  1. This is such a fun idea! I voted for the Wharton. It’s superb. But I was close to selecting the Harper Lee title, which is also very much worth reading. Have fun!

    1. thanks Jillian! I’m probably most excited for the Wharton, followed by the last option on the list – Fire Point. It looks like I’ll just be reading classics – no problem with that.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kenya! I don’t read much YA, but love taking part in readathons and the like, so sometimes I’m the token adult fiction reader. 🙂

      Just popping over to your blog to vote now.

  2. I haven’t read Go Set A Watchman yet, but I’m very interested in it, which is why I voted for it hahaha!

    Thank you so much for joining! I can’t wait to see what books are picked!

    1. Thanks Valerie! I’ve had Go Set A Watchman on my tbr pile since it was published. I went out and grabbed it and was all excited, and then procrasinated! Looks like I’ll likely be reading it for this readathon, it’s currently in the lead. 🙂

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