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Bout of Books 15 Goals & TBR


The illustrious Bout of Books, or Bob, is creeping up on me again. I’ve been putting off my TBR list because I’m currently mood reading but I’ve decided that like each Bob before, I will post goals and TBRs. I just can’t help myself.

My goals for this Bob:

  • Write an update post daily on Ranty Runt, even if it is just what I have read and a cumulative total
  • Participate in 2 challenges
  • Be a social butterfly and read & comment on at least three updates per day
  • Read 2000 pages.
  • POST MY CHALLENGE AT THE RIGHT TIME (uh, timezones kill me)

That final goal for me is probably the biggest, the other week long readathons I have partcipated in I have averaged 1500 – 1800p, but I really want to push myself this Bob. I will prewrite all my other blog content before the readathon starts, so all the time that I usually devote to writing blogs & hanging in my reader will be devoted to reading.


Dead Wake – Erik Larson

Songs for the Dead – Stuart MacBride

The Business of Dying – Simon Kernick

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

I will not beat myself up if I stray from this list, as there are plenty of other books that I can read. I’ve picked many of the books above because there is either lots of buzz (and I can’t believe I haven’t read yet) or because they are by my favourite authors.

Depending on how I feel, I might substitute for a classic, I have a couple that are sitting on my shelves, plus my classics club spin.

I’m looking forward to reading ALL THE PAGES with you guys! Have you set yourselves lofty goals this year? Or taking it easy and letting the reading bug take over?