Bout of Books progress report day 4

Well, I certainly didn’t get as much reading done yesterday as I was planning – just a measly 2 hours, and it was very distracted time too, as my boyfriend kept coming in the room and talking to me. Plus, I then went and saw my sister for lunch and stayed there all night, but that is the nature of it! I’m not planning on reading much tomorrow either – I have lunch & dinner plans, but hopefully I can squeeze in a couple of hours.

Hours of reading: 2
Pages read: 19% of Last Night by Stephen Leather
Total pages read: 838
Books completed:
Stone Cold by C.J. Box
The Giver by Lois Lowry
Narrow Escape by Stephen Leather
Free Bird by Kevin Cooley

I participated in the spell it out challenge by Kimberlyfayereads

Tomorrow I am planning on finishing or at least getting further through Last Night. I am really enjoying it so far, it’s about a serial killer who targets goths!