BOB Spell it out Challenge

This looks like a fun challenge to participate in, so I decided to use my first name – Rebecca, and then realised in the past four years I haven’t read a single book starting with the letter E – let alone two of them! So I decided to go with my birth month – August (you know, cause Leo was also out).

A – Aggressor by Andy McNab

U – Undersea Prison by Duncan Falconer

G – Good Jihadist, The by Bob Shepherd

U – Ultimate Weapon by Chris Ryan

S – Strike Back by Chris Ryan

T – Traitor by Duncan Falconer

Okay, so I decided to use books only by ex-SAS and ex-SBS authors! SUE ME.


  1. I’m totally impressed that you were able to do it using only ex-SAS/ex-SBS authors! (Of course, I’m also embarrassed to admit that I had to look up what that even meant. šŸ˜› )

    1. Thankyou! I thought I should make it a little harder for myself. (and don’t be embarrassed, thanks for taking the time to work out what this crazy lady was going on about!)

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